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Hi Harry,

I've been doing some research and found 2 new supplements that are supposed to help with neuropathy. I ordered them from a trusted site because I am a little wary of additives in some brands. It's only been 2 weeks and I see a difference but I will wait another week or so before giving a full report.

I also added MSM to my regimen and dropped the Combunox completely. I have gone back and forth with the pain pill issue but the bottom line is that I don't want to take those for any length of time, or at all if I can do it. Heck, I broke my foot once in 7 places and never took a pain pill. Pain won't kill you, the stress will. If you can manage the stress, you can control damage to your body. It's the same method used in natural childbirth.

Last weekend, we visited the Aquarium in Atlanta. After walking for 3-4 hours, my feet were just killing me. I sat down with a boo-hoo attitude until I saw a woman of my age in a wheelchair with no legs. How glad she would be to walk on my painful feet! It taught me something. How much is mental and how much is physical? The pain doesn't increase once it reaches a certain point. Once that point is reached, it doesn't take any more time to decrease it.

What that meant was that once my feet hurt very bad, it wouldn't get worse. Once I sat down and rested, it didn't take any longer for the pain to decrease than if I had only walked 1 hour, instead of 4. I found that interesting though I bet no one else does. LOL

One more thing, I had the glucose tolerance test redone at my request and average was 104. I was told it we would just watch it but I was somewhat concerned because I have eliminated simple sugar and virtually all white flour. I used to test my glucose when I worked in that environment and it ran 60-80 so I have to wonder. Your thoughts?

I will post again once I see if these new supplements are beneficial.