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Okay, I went...he took another x-ray and said that the implant was coming along absolutely beautiful; that it was in the perfect location with no infection. It's just a really troubled tooth for me, I guess...several acute abscesses have been there, I got a crown on that tooth, an apicoectomy, a root canal, and now an extraction with implant....ouch. Well, he prsecribed me some Combunox and it is feeling a LOT better than the Vicodin so far...hope it lasts. It's only been like an hour.

Well, I'm still in pain. It's been exactly a week since the procedure. I'm taking Combunox every six hours still, and it usually last the full six hours, maybe a little less. However, it makes me extremely tired, high, and unable to drive or really do anything but lay around and be useless. But if I don't take it, I'm in exruciating pain. For some reason I have less pain in the morning. Has anyone ever had this similar problem with implants?