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I have peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia, along with restless leg syndrome, arthritis (can't believe it!), stress fractures, and a Morton's neuroma. The pain can be incredible at times.

For quite a while I was able to control most of the pain with diet, supplements, and exercise. I still think this helps as the pain is unbearable when I get lazy and don't follow a strict no sugar, no white flour diet.

I am on Lyrica 300mg 2x/day, Requip 1mg, B-12 injections daily, Ultram SR, and Combunox for breakthrough pain. This regimen helps also. The only times I can't sleep well is when I have walked more than I should.

I was on Cymbalta but it did increase the pain and made me feel depressed! Even with all this weird stuff going on, I use biofeedback to keep my spirits up and I certainly don't want to take anything to make things worse.

I am now entering a study to see how peripheral neuropathy is connected to restless leg syndrome. They already know that both can be caused by a sleep disorder. Interesting to see what will happen after I complete the study.

I went to my GP, then to two neurologists, an ortho, a podiatrist, and then a pain doc. Everyone has different experiences but the ones who really help me are my GP, the pod, and the new neuro I am seeing and going through the study with. This guy has written so many articles on these issues and I'm eager to see what he has to say at the end of the study.

I would definitely start with the neuro and get all the tests done.