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[COLOR="Blue"]Hi, Long time,
I don't know if you recall but I can't take Nsaid's, but the Sciatic Nerve in my left leg is so bad now I've had Double knee surgery (Sept 13th) I can't stand it. I am currently on Fentanyl 50 and Lortab 10/500. I did some research and I was wondering since Vicoprofin and Combunox both contain Ibubrofin if they would work on the Sciatic pain, and the second question is which is stronger= Lortab or Vicoprofin or Combunox?
Thank You for all your help.
If you can't take nsaids, ibuprophen is definitely a nsaid, so that would mean the vicoprophen would be no good. I'm not sure about the combunox, but if it does have Ibuprophen, then that wouldn't work either.
Hi, Star...hope you guys all had a wonderful Turkey Day!

I am not sure which is stronger, etc. However, I did take Combunox after a surgery. It seemed the same as a Tylox or Percocet??? I don't think it is ER like Oxycontin. But, Combunox is not supposed to be taken long term, for whatever reason. The literature from the pharmacy said it was for accute pain up to 7 (maybe 10?) days. I am not sure the reason and maybe in some cases it can be taken longer.

I have often wondered the same question you are asking.

Best of luck and I hope you find something that works for you.
I never heard of Combunox until I did my research. All I know about it, Is it's Ibuprofin & Oxycontin. That maybe why they want it used short term.