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Is anyone taking the recently FDA approved drug called Stalevo? How are you doing on it? Is it better than Sinimet? Are you having any side effects? My Neuro recently wanted me to switch from Sinimet to Stalevo. Both of these drugs have carbidopa and levodopa in them but Stalevo has the added ingredient of entacapone(Comtan) added in to make the the Levodopa last longer and be more stable in your body. Thus you get better symptomatic relief. What do you think??
Just read your question on Stalevo. I have been on Stalevo for four months now and as far as I can see there has been no changes in my Parkinsons. Before I started on it, I was on two different dosages of Sinemet and Comtan, so it is kind of nice to only be taking the one pill instead of three. And the added plus is it is less expensive and we all know anything we can to do cut our med bills is a good thing. To give you a little more info , I was diagnosed with PD in 1997 so I have really been noticing the progression of the disease and I can assure you that the switch in the meds has not made a difference, one way or another, for me. I was leary at first,but it really does seem to be working fine for me. Hope this helps you out. Good luck, if you decide to give it a try.