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Sinimet is levadopa, it stablizes the effects of PD . When dx with PD, normally many of the brain cells have diminished leaving little levadopa for the cells to work with. In order to keep mobility the levadopa needs to be replaced (sinimet and other agonists). Often times sinimet will be given with comtan or Mirapex, if this is the case, and you take mirapex as well, the leg pain could be caused by mirapex. If it is just the sinimet itself you are talking for PD and no other PD meds, then I would assume the pain is from the PD itself. It often is more a tightness and stiffness? That is PD.
I am not a doctor, just have done a great deal of research on PD, have even taught neurologists some things! :0)
Prayers and warm hugs - keep well.