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I was diagnozed in Jan. 2000,but my symptons started in 1994 with a slight limp like my knee would jerk. Then I realized that this was only affecting my right side. I went to different specialists and they said I had peripheral neuropathy(PN), which is only a sympton. My mom had the same diagnosis back in 1980 and her brother and niece had this PN. So I didn't pursue this anymore after about 1998 for I figured it was genetic. My mom was still doing all right so I figured I would be all right. But in 1999 I was declining, I was getting rigid and couldn't get up out of the chairs or roll over or scoot over when laying down. Then I got the flu in winter of 1999 which hung on for a couple of months. I got really weak and couldn't even curl my hair with the curling iron. That is the background of my Parkinson. I went to a well known clinic in California. As soon as the neurologist seen me walking, he told me I had PD. There are no tests for PD they look at your physical symptons.
I started taking Carbidopa/Levodopa CR 50-200 4x per day. Within a week i was able to sleep for about 4 hrs. It was like a miracle my body responded to the medicine very well which confirmed I had PD. About a 1 1/2 yrs. later he prescribed Comtan 200mg 3x per day. Comtan is only used with Carbi/Levodopa. My carbi/levo wasn,t working as well. It breaks down the carbi/levo in your stomach so the medicine can reach your brain sooner. When taking Carbi/Levodopa you have to be careful of what you eat protein interferes with the absorbtion of the medicine. It is better on a empty stomach. My dosages have changed because your body gets used to the Meds and stops working as well.
My Meds I take now are carbidopa/Levodopa 25/100 - 1-1/2 tabs 7x per day, Comtan 100mg 7x per day, Amantadine 100mg 3x per day which was added in april 2005, and also REQUIP 2mg 5x per day. My doctor added Requip for I was taking about 1500 to 1600 mg of carbi/levo per day. I am down to about 950 mg per day. The only problem is i am starting to fall easily because my balance is off. Since I started taking the new meds in 2005 I have been falling. Last week I fell twice. Good Luck with your Dad and if you want to hear more write back. Each person with PD is different. Also I was fortunate I don't have the tremor that is usually what takes people to the doctor. Also there are some great sites on the internet under Parkinson's. You need to educate yourself because the doctors don't always tell you the details like protein will interfere with the absorbtion, such as drinking milk with your pills