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<< He is not sleeping well at night>>

My hubby who has had PD since 1991, was just last month put on a mild non addictive sleeping pill. Our specialist feels sleep is very important, more so then napping. It has helped greatly.

As for putting of the meds with an early Diagnose, I agree with trying to cope til you feel you have to go on meds.

In the early days Hubby did'nt take anything, then he was put on mild doses, then he quit for 3 years, then had to give in and go on Sinemet. He is now 15 years into "knowing" he has PD and is now on Sinemet, bromocriptime, comtan, he is taking a total of 24 pills aday plus the sleeping pill. Just when you think you have a good regime, the darn PD changes:mad:

I'm very new to this site, but look forward to exchanging info and learning how others are coping, as caregivers and PD persons.

Cheers Kathy