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I was so hungry last night that I caved and went to BK and ate half of a dbl cheeseburger before feeling so incredibly guilty. When it came to the fries, I did the chew spit thing. I'm starting to hide more now while I'm eating, and I've noticed I really have no desire to eat, nothing really seems appealing to me. I took 3 laxatives last night-that hasn't produced much at all. I'm actually entertaining the thought that if I can't not make myself eat, and can't force myself to vomit, I'll take something that will make me throw up-isn't there something on the market that does that?
I haven't been taking my Coreg as I should be (every day), and my heart is really feeling the difference. I think I'm at probably one of the worst stages I've been in since the last 10 years I've battled this.. I just don't have enough will power to stop. And the scary thing is: part of me really, really doesn't want to-almost as if I want to suffer. I'm feeling like crap and still not losing any weight. This sucks.