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Hi Stevie,

I was wondering what your diagnosis is? I am assuming it's Essential Tremor (also known as Familial Tremor or Benign Essential Tremor) based on your description.

There are several medications that may or may not help Essential Tremors (ET) ... a few that I can think of (off the top of my head) are the Beta-Blockers (Inderal, Corgard, Lopressor Propranolol) or the Anti-Convulsants (Primidone) or the Atypical Neuroleptic (Clozapine) or Anti-Depressants (Mirtazapine also known as Remeron). There are other medications that are used to treat ET, but I would have to look them up... (I can look it up if you need me to).

I have been diagnosed with a slight case of Essential Tremors (it runs in my family). I don't take any medications for it because my tremor is only in my left hand (so far) and it is not too bad (yet).

If ET is your diagnosis, then it sounds as if your doctor is right on track with trying the different meds to try to slow or stop your tremors... it is a trial and error effort to try to find the correct medication that will work the best for you and your body... everyone react differently from the meds... some people's tremors completely disappear with medications, and other people have absolutely no reduction in their tremors with medications.

So, if it is ET then I wish you luck and I hope the next medication that you try works... and if it's not ET then sorry for the useless information :) If you let me know the diagnosis I may know something about that too....

Best of luck,