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I suffer from migraines. I have tried Imitrex, Corgard and am now taking Migranal Nasal Spray. The Imitrex and Corgard didn't help at all. In fact, with the Imitrex I had just about all the side effects that it had to offer. The Migranal does somewhat help, but not enough to get me up and moving again. My doctor has suggested Fioricet (or something like that), but isn't that a narcotic? I don't want to ask her for it and have her think that I am drug seeking because nothing else (that's suppose to help) hasn't helped. I was on Darvocet for quite awhile due to endometriosis, which I recently had a hysterectomy for. The Darvocet helped with my migraines, but I don't want to get addicted to those. Help!!!