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Has anyone taken Zyprexa to abort a severe migraine? If so,how does it work for you,and do you have any side effects from it? I just saw my neurologist yesterday who specializes in Migraines and is head Dr. for Migraine research at one of our nations largest headache clinics. Most of the triptans cause me to have tightness in my chest and rapid heartbeat.
For preventatives he prescribed Amitriptyline, 50 MG at bedtime, Neurontin 800 MG 4 times daily, Corgard 40 MG twice daily. For breakthrough headaches, he prescribed Diclophenac 75 MG at onset of headache and Reglan taken with it for nausea and to prevent stomach upset. If after 30 minutes I do not get relief, I am to try Relpax 40 MG and may repeat after 2 hours. If I get no relief from Relpax I am to take the zyprexa. My Dr. said this should help me to go into a deep sleep and hopefully get rid of the headache.
I am really hopeful this will work as I have other problems that cause me a great deal of pain. I have very high cholestrol and take Niaspan, 2000 MG daily, Welchol 650 MG 3 times daily and Crestor 10 MG daily. All these are barely keeping me in the low 200s for total cholestrol. ( My body makes it's own cholestrol) THe Crestor causes a lot of muscle pain and spasms, so the neuro. prescribed Baclofen 10 MG 3 times daily as needed.
I also have severe reflux (GERD) and a hiatial hernia. My gastro surgeon says I am not a good candidate for the surgery to repair the hernia and he will not recommend me to have it. He has prescribed Prilosec 40 MG in the morning, and 20 MG at bedtime. I was just recently diagnosed for costachrondritis and and osteopenia, so I take actonel for that along with calcium and magnesium.
I am a 52 year old female, not overweight, and I exercise at the fitness center for an hour 6 mornings a week and go back on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for another hour. I rarely eat meat other than occasionally chicken on the grill. I watch my fat intake, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I try to do all the right things, but still have all these problems. I did not develop migraines until age 48. I am told that it is unusual for a person to develop migraines that late in life.I have been to two different headache clinics, staying about a month at each one. I had all the psychological and psychiatric evaluations and have been given all AOK so that is not a problem. My life is otherwise very good and stress free except for the never ending health problems.
Oh yea, the neurologist also told me yesterday that he thinks I have myopathy. He had several tests done for that and will send me the results of those when he gets them. He thinks it is most likely due to the statins; but with my cholestrol levels, he is not yet recommending for me to stop the crestor. Is it any wonder that I get headaches???
I apologize for this being so long, but it feels good to get some of this off my chest. I find most people who have not suffered pain do not really want to hear about our pain. THese boards are very helpful to me, and I am thankful for them..GOd Bless any of you who have read this far!!