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When were you diagnosed with HBP? June 1996

What was your B/P? 160/90 at doctor 135/85 otherwise

What meds did the doc. put you on? Corgard (nadolol) 20 mg

What meds. are you on now? Benicar 20mg

What is the worst med. that you have been on (side-effects)- Tie between Corgard (pulse at 35, cold hands/feet, lethargy) & Norvasc (hyper/whacko)

What is your average B/P now? 116/66

What is your age? 41

What are the worst side-effects that you have? On Benicar, all side-effects are positive - excercise performance improved, sleep better, more awake during the day, able to lose weight.

What is the best med. so far for your High B/P? Benicar

I should add that the Corgard stint only lasted for a couple weeks; I ditched that doctor when he told me to just live with the side-effects. I have been unmedicated for the last 8 years.