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I was diagnosed about 23 years ago with Mitral Valve Prolapse which I believe is the same thing. The valve does not open and close as it should (it flutters) and the blood regurgitates backwards. I also have FMS.

My symptoms were fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath. I have been on Corgard (betablocker) for years and it works great for me. I am more symptomatic when I am sick or extremely fatigued, or take certain drugs, like decongestants or antihistimines.

The only serious thing about it is that you must watch carefully for blood carried bacterias and infections. If they travel through the heart it can be fatal. That is why we are to be on antibiotics (profilactics) when we have dental work done and why they give us antibiotics with a bit more urgency after surgeries, etc.

It was diagnosed with an EKG, echo cardiogram and a 24 hr. holter monitor. I was told that many, many people have it and never know it. Stress is one thing that can make it symptomatic. I think that was it for me. Also, as a baby my parents were told that I had a murmer. It was probably the MVP.

Hope some of this is helpful for you. I find if I take my med each day I do just great. It in no way effects anything that I may be able to do physically.

Marcia :angel: