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Quote from Lenin:
HCTZ...and ONE potent but dreadful beta-blocker (nadolol).

Since the nadolol is unfit for human consumption in my estimation, my drug is a water pill!
OMG, that stuff is nasty! I got that drug back in 1996. I felt like I was near death. My pulse was at 35. My hands and feat were ice cold. But, my doctor at the time was happy that my BP was down. I asked if there was anything else. "Corgard is an excellent drug. And, your BP looks great. You'll get used to it." That was the last time I went back to that quack.


You are the ONLY person on the planet, besides myself, who has ever admitted to having taken Corgard. How nice to find someone with whom I can commiserate.
With one PILL (40 mg. as I recall) my heart rate dropped from 80 to 50 and my BP from hypertensive to something preposterous like 90/60. And THEN the effects started piling on, one pill upon another ...that 72 hour half life is one for the books, eh?
When I was on vacation and my legs gave out during a short bike ride and I had to call a cab to haul me and my bike back to the house, I realized firsthand what a "side-effect was"...I think that was 1980ish...maybe earlier.

Not cheap either, because back then it was VERY patented! Big round Blue Pills as I recall!