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I can't offer much help, but my husband also has epilepsy since he was 17; which he is on Corgard (beta blocker) and Tegretol (for his migranes)

About September of last year he developed numbness on his entire left side and went to his neurologist. The gave him didn't give him any reasoning on why his left side was going numb, and gave him a prescription for Topomax.

The Topomax was a low dosage, however it was giving him massive migraines, dizziness, sleeplessness and just and all around lousy feeling. He stayed on it for 2 weeks and finally had the neurologist tell him to stop taking the Topomax.

He had an MRI done, and it didn't show anything different for his last MRI (which was approx 1 year ago) due to the epilepsy. His numbness did go away however the neurologist nor the MRI specialist can give an explanation. We are going to do a wait and see to find out if this does happen again, (maybe it will occur same time this year); We do speculate that he had a migrane that didn't go away and effected the numbness...

We have noticed that with his epilepsy, his migranes get worse when the barometer changes; so the neuro gave him some time released pain medication (I don't know the name) which has been helping to get him through the weather/barometer changes.

Other than that, we to include the doctors have no idea.

I don't agree with your neuro that age is a factor as my husband is only 29 years old.

Sorry...I wish you the best.


My wife had me read this so I wanted to fill in the details. I am on Tegratol for my epilepsy not the migraines first off (and I'm 28 but who's counting)

My neurologists determined that my numbness was due to my migraines. He put me on the Topomax to try to knock out my migraines, but it simply did not agree with me. But, my MRI was normal (my MRI has always been normal)

I'm not going to offer any suggestions short of seeing your doctor. I would think that the white matter, if a real concern, would be addressed. My neuro told me flat out that he was checking for MS with the MRI.

Not sure I can help much more, except to maybe ask if your epilepsy is controlled or not, how often are your migraines, etc? If your epilepsy is not controlled, how close is the numbness symptoms you are having is related to your "aura". Oh, I guess it would also matter if you have grand mal or petite mal seizures. Although, I have grand mal seizures, I once had episodes of partial complex seizures which were realtively close to these symptoms.

Hope I've helped, but ultimately, try to relax as stress can cause problems with your epilepsy.

But good luck.
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