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If the negative news articles on vitamins confuse us, they have succeeded in planting seeds of doubt. Even 1 negative news article is enough to raise a red flag. In the past, doctors would always state that "vitamins can't hurt nor do they help". This information has taken a turn for the worst. When I mention vitamins to my doctor he responds by saying:

1) You don't need vitamins.

2) Nothing...has been scientificaly proven in favor of vitamins.

3) Do not waste your money.. on C, Magnesium, E etc.... (You do not have a deficiency).

I'm sorry but he has not convinced me....

My sisters doctor told her to get off of Vitamin E immediately..and give up on any other vitamin she may been taking. They can cause bleeding and med.interractions, and a negative news article was written recently. She should continue on NEXIUM, Aspirin, Lipitor and Corgard indefinitely.