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Hi..I have TONS of PVC's. Worn the event monitor, (for 30 days) holtor monitor..get this.. I had slightly over 18,000, you read it right, 18,000 pvc's on a 48 hr. holtor. I have bigeminy, and trygeminy. (sp?) meaning~ (pauses, actually extra beat every 2-3 beats) it has driven me nuts! I have had to stop work. Thank goodness hubby is self employed and the business does well enough for me to not have to work. Last yr. was the worst of my life. As far as the frequency of PVC's. Been to Electrophisiologists. 2 actually. Says I have a screwed up electrical system. None of the 18,000 were life threatening. ( I have to wonder!) But they sure as heck are life altering!! He changed from Corgard, which I have taken for over 20 yrs. (I just turned 47 Dec.) to Topral xl. My goodness! It was a nightmare! It made me have SVT. HR was way too high all the time and I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Had to up my Xanax. I know topral is a wonderful medication, have lots of friends on it for HBP etc. It just didn't work for ME. I went back to the Corgard (beta blocker) and thigs got better. Not perfect.but tolerable. I live in fear of getting V-Tach. But i am living my life to the fullest these days. I can either sit on the couch wrapped in a throw, or live.. I choose to live until I drop! Hope you feel better soon... Kat in Texas