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I wore a holter monitor last July and had 18,000 in 48 hrs. On really bad days, I have about 10 per minute. I hate it when the PVC's come and stay for MONTHS at a time. I have seen Cardiologiost, Electrophisiologist, and they were all benign. But let THEM have that many! I get them ususaly a few days after I have been really stressed . I know how you feel. Ijust want to lay on the couch and cover my head up when I get these long months of PVC's. I feel mine right in the middle of my lower breast nbone~~that little hollow place where your stomach starts. They pound really hard too. I have taken a beta blocker for about 20 yrs. ( Female/47) I take Corgard, and it's an older drug..but when they put me on Topral XL last summer, it just didn't hold my H/rate enough. I hope this helps you a little. Kathy in Texas