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To JulesJewels. Hello neighbor!! I am in georgetown texas. i've been having a very bad night. i actually have lots of pvc's during the bad periods, which can last months at a time. yes, it has driven me a little nuts. BUT~~ tonight, i felt like i had 2 or three in a row. this isn't good. per cardiologist. i am scared to go to sleep. i took some xanax. i also take a beta blocker~ Corgard. i am pretty desperate. i just wanted to say hello, and it's good to see someone close to me ( sort of close in proximity posting here. everyone is wonderful on these boards huh? take care. i tried to send ya an e-mail, but it will not let me. oh, i'm female, 47. seems like there are a lot o fwomen on here, but i was surprised at howmany men feel these things. i always was told it was more prevalent in women.