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Hello all. I have posted a few times, but mostly lurk and read. I have had a history of PVC's for about 10 yrs. Before that, I had sporadic incidences, that would scare me, but it was only 1 PVC. (those were the days!) Now, as you all may know from reading some of my posts, I have literally 10 PVC's on avg. per MINUTE! Last 48 hr. holtor monitor was worn May '05, and showed 18,000 PVC's. I am literally exhausted, tearful, and depressed beyond belief. I am 47, and the older I get, the more fierce and forceful they get. I try so hard to lead a normal life. Play with my grandchildren whom I love with all my life. But it is a major production for me to set anything in stone as far as planning for outings with family memners etc. I mean "what if it's a bad day?" I have had to cancel so may times, i usually don't get taken seriously when I do say "I'll be there." That's how I live my life. I am sitting here writing this crying lke a baby. I fear everything. It seems there is no real cause for the PVC's. I do notice however, that I absolutely cannot eat a heavy meal at night, especially, because I will be awake ALL night with my heart throwing PVC's left and right. I live near the Austin area. Just wondering if any fellow Texans out there know of a really good elctrophisiologist? I did see one, but he tired of me after about 2 yrs. of trying his best to tell me I was not going to die. I did however have a few episodes of nonsustained v-tach. It showed up as 3 PVC's in a row. He said that technically, it wasn't true V-tach, because my HR was barely over 100 when it happened and went right back to 70 something. Oh MY!! I am probably the most obcessed person on this board. I am totally Obcessed with having V-tach and have even considered investing in one of those FDA approved Defibulators now on the market. Please don't judge me. It is so sad. No, I am not crazy, I am actually ( hard to believe) a professional woman that owns a lucrative business with my husband. But, I can no longer "pretend" and put on happy faces :) when my heart is pounding with PVC's. Mine are felt right in the middle of that little soft spot in the upper stomach area. Feels just like a baby kicking. I have been on Corgard ( an older beta blocker) for over 20 yrs. I used to have tachycardia a lot more. Last summer, Cadiologist tried me on Topral 100 XL, and it was a nightmare. ( for me personally.I know it's a good drug for some) My heart raced everytime I even moved from one couch to another. It has helped so may people. It just wasn't for me. I got back on the Corgard on my own ( heck, I'd eat plain DIRT if it would help just a tad) and called Doc. And he said it was fine. The Corgard, not the dirt..ha. I think they are all really tired of me and my crying and breaking down in their office. They had all seen how many I have, but still INSIST i need a good Phychiatrist. Well, maybe I do.. BUT.. They should have to live just one hr. like those of us with multiple PVC's just so they would know how it feels. And I don't say that in a hurtful way. When I wore the 30 day event monitor 2 yrs. ago, it showed electro doc that I did have soooo many PVC's but he says ablation is not for me because my heart's electrical system is firing from several areas. LUCKY ME! I always was the lil achiever! Thank you all so much for reading this too long post. I will now go and take my second Xanax of the day. I take on average 2 mg. daily to help with the stress this has put on me. I'm sure I will have to deal with the Xanax one day. I have never ever taken it more than prescribed though. I am scared out of my mind to take meds. I will not even take antihistimines. I drink NO caffeine, eat no choclate, drink no sugar,or alcohol, only water. boring life, and I still get these life sucking, draining PVC's. Cyber Hugs to all. Kathy
To all that have posted, MANY MANY THANKS! I have been in bed sick with a terrible stomach virus.Not a lovely thing to talk about on here, but i have not been able to post. I have read all of them though. This board is so supportive. I too live in fear of leaving my "comfort zone." I would love to travel again. But when I got this virus, the fever I had, 101.4, I suppose is what made my heart start "showing out" like crazy. It was also 100 bpm at rest. Not like me at all. The Corgard I take usually keeps my HR down in the 60's. When I wake up from a nap, which Ihave been doing a lot of since last Sat., I am startled, and heart is thumping hard. I can NEVER just get up from sleeping and take a shower. The first thing I do every morning, is grab my water by the night stand, and my bottle of Corgard. Then give it about 30 mon. to kick in before I can even get up and around. Some days are not as bad as others. But i usually wake up with an irregular HB., every morning. I know most of mine are benign, but i just can't seem to get a grip on things. I mean, how dothe rest of you with lots of PVC's deal with being in a store and have your heart start firing extra beats. llike mine. 10 a minute. My electro doc told me that eventually, if they don't ease up, my heart would weaken. I try so hard to eat the right things. I wouldn't go near caffiene, chocolate, orange juice ( sugar makes my PVC's go nuts!) or any alcohol beverages. I'm scared top get on my treadmill. My family, although supportive, knows the dr's have toldme that these are "probably" not gonna kill me, and they are basically sick of hearing me talk about it. Sometimes I feel like I am so alone in this ole world. Again, I so appreciate all of you that have taken your time to post. :wave: