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OMG. I couldn't tolerate Topral XL at all. I have posted that many times on diff. threads here. I so wanted it to work, but I would wake up in the mornings with my heart "begging" for another dose. I guess I have stayed on the Corgard so long because unlike an extended beta blocker, I have been given the O.K. to add another 40 mgs. if my HR or PVC's are really getting to me. I thought I was truly going to pass out just coming up my stairs last summer while trying Topral. My heart was beating out of my chest, and i had on a holtor monitor at the time and it says I had an episode of SVT at that very time. I had to lay on my floor and put my legs up on the couch and PRAY to God not to let me die. Had to take 1mg. of Xanax ( per dr. after calling) As I have said before on here, I took myself off this med,and switched back to my trusty Corgard I have been on over 20 yrs.I called my Dr.'s office and told them what I had done and he was indifferent in a way. Everyone seems to push this beta blocker. HUMMMMM??? I have also heard very goog things about it though, basically from Dr's though. i have not head one good thing about it from any person I have either read about or know. Best to you!!! Mimi
Hi Delia79! Well, I was taking Toprol 100 or 150 can't rmmember coz i flushed them. I am 47, but have 3 grandbabies that I fear will get into meds around here. Anyway, I was told by cardiologist to take it first thing in the AM. I too like to have that added insurance of taking my Corgard as someone else posted about beta bklockers, just in case My heart starts beating fast of I get even more PVC's that I alredy do. I start my day off with 40 mgs. of Corgard, then if things get intolerable, I can take another 40. I didnt have that with the Topral XL. I would wake up and barely make it to the bathroom right off my bedroom without my HR soaring and beating soooooooo hard. I just feel , that in MY particular instance, I have taken the Corgard for so may yrs., that my body needed that. I hope that all that are on it can do better than I did. I stated before that i REALLY did want it to work for me because it seems to be the Dr's. new drug of choice. I have to wonder though , if they are (some of them) pushing what is shoved down their throats by the RX sales reps. I did my homework before taking this drug, and found it to be a good choice for lowering blood pressure. Good Luck to all trying to take this. I hope it turns out better than it did for me. I have a super sensitive adrenalin system I have been told, and don't take changes with meds well. And yes, I did feel as though when I woke in the AM that my poor heart was begging for a dose of SOMETHING!! MiMi