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Hey!! I suppose everyone is different on beta blockers. I take and have for over 20 yrs. Corgard (Brand Name) My resting HR is usually in the 60's . BUT~~ for the past month, it has been as low as 52 at rest. I went to my cardiologist here in Austin, and he said it was fine..this has happened before..and that I shouldn;'t worry unless it goes to 42 or so. I wonder if he was just appeasing me ( since I am so terrified of the PVC's etc.). Hope this helps. Mimi in Texas :)
I tried Corgard (nadolol) a million years ago. My heartrate occasionally went into the 40's.
When my heart-rate drops even into the low 50's my heartbeat starts missing...I hate the feeling. Along with the physical exhaustion and insomnia from beta-blockers (tried nadoolol, propranolol, atenolol) I long ago decided they weren't for me.
The DID lower my BP a lot though.