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I'm new here and I'm looking for some advice. I was put on Lotrel 5/20 last week for hbp 202/145. I am 57 and have heart disease. I also take hctz, paxil, fish oil, magnesium, vitamin e, and 2 low dose aspirin a day.

Before being put on Lotrel I had been taking Lorpressor and Lasix for 4 years then changed docs when I moved to another state. She put me on Corgard and lisinopril w/ hctz. My pressure started rising after a couple of months and last week she started me on Lotrel 5/20 twice a day and hctz.

Do you think this will help solve the problem? I have weight to lose and need to exercise more, however, I have not felt much like excercising lately. I have been feeling lethargic and just wondered if it could be the meds. My pressure today is 175/114.

Hope to hear from someone soon.