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I am a 48 year old female and about five years ago had a hysterectomy. Within one month I started losing weight (about two lbs. per week) without trying and felt very shaky and my hair fell out, etc. This lasted about one year but test results were normal. I was diagnosed as depressed. Then this condition reversed itself and I started gaining about two lbs. per month despite 1000-1200 cal diet and walking 4 miles per day. Worst of all, I felt dead-dog tired. This condition continued until I finally convinced my GP to let me try some thyroid pills (six of my mom's sisters have hypo) despite my low normal levels. He put me on 25 mcg. of Levy. and I felt like a new person: my hair and nails starting growing back, I had so much more energy and felt more relaxed than I had in years. Within one month, my insurance company changed and I had to choose another MD. Within two months I began feeling bad again and my hair started falling out and I gained 8 lbs. in three weeks. I called and begged the new MD to up my dose and with much reluctance he placed me on 50 mcg. I still don't feel nearly as good as I did at first but at least I haven't gained anymore weight (but I am starving myself). I have no idea what my labwork numbers are because although I have requested them they just say they are normal. I have even asked for copies to me mailed to me but none ever materialized. (I am also on 40 mg. of Corgard for Mitral Valve Prolapse if that has any bearing on anything.) Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!