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challanges happen at other challenging times for a reason, right? it must be a test of courage, of patience, of strength? well, yesterday my sis comes over from work all rushed and asks me if i spoke to mother. i said no, i didn't. she then tells me that mom told her that while at work, she had heart palpitations and went straight to her specialist. then she asked that my sister (and maybe myself) could go to the nursing home and see about our dad. when i saw my sister all flushed and flustered, and frustrated, and with a look of "i'd had enough this week," of course i went with her. i actually wanted to see dad. when we got there, the people there did basically everything, except shave him and change his bandages that are placed over his stoma (the old g-peg hole) and the one around and on top of the new j-peg. i was unbelievably tired, incredibly tired. my sister tried to make some atmosphere, by talking with him about things and joking around, but he was visibily upset mother wasn't there. he always gets that way when she doesn't show up. anyway, she shaved him, i changed his dressing, we took his temperature (98.2, then 97.9--which is a bit high for him at any time), and when we saw his pulse was around 90 again, we realized something was brewing.... then the nurse on duty whom we know very well told us that his dr. visited him again that morning and put him once again on antibiotics. he just finished another round. we did the best we could and left.

mother can't go to see him again today, since she was given one of those halter monitors to wear....and my sister went to mexico with her bf. today, (on her b-day), for her b-day.... so, i'll go.

this happened to my mother before, where she has had these abnormal heart beats before, and it was usually from her hyperthyroid medication (too little)... hopefully it's that again. but then last night, she told my sister that her heart specialist changed one of her heart meds, the corgard, bec. "it didn't seem to work anymore." she was on it for 10 years or so....

i don't know what to do. i musn't lose my head now. i can't affort to be too tired now. i called work and told them i'll go in a bit later. i have some extra time, so i can work only a few hours today, if possible, and leave extra early, and maybe help her out with her dr's. appts. i don't know. i don't want to tire out before i go to see father.

you know sannah, when i think about things, my sister and i can't really afford to have two parents in the hospital at the same time. .....because both of us are basically "alone." neither of us have any stable support, you know, no husbands, well bf's and friends...but that's not the same.... i pray to God for things to right themselves, but it's His will, not ours.

i hope you're well!:angel: