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[QUOTE]i've hit 54 ( this is my first dosage aswell)

There's something about that FIRST dose. I remember a long time ago when my BP was higher than now and my doctor prescribed 40 mg. nadolol (another beta-blocker called Corgard)...I took one in the office and went out and had a couuple drinks and walked home feeling fine. When I got home I checked my heart: my BP was 90/60 and my heart rate was the same 54 as yours. I quickly adjusted to a higher BP but my heart rate stayed in the 50's for as long as I kept taking it.
So take the double dosing of the metoprolol and record all your numbers.
No need to listen for heart irregularities, they will only make you more anxious.

Why not think about asking your doctor to get you off so many different pills.

Taking an antidepressant and a tranquilizer together is like pressing down on both your accelerator and your brake in your car at the same time.