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I haven't come across many people that are still on Nadolol (Corgard). I have been on it for 22 yrs! I will only take the brand name Corgard ( just ME..scared to switch to generic, and when I first started taking it, there was no generic) I could be getting it at Walmart for 4 dollars!! compared to 50.00 with my drug card. But I have soooooooo many pvc's and also short bursts of ventricular tachycardia..that I'm scared to the max to switch to generic.. it must be really rarely prescribed, ( this drug in general) order it, the last time I tried to order it, Walgreens had to order it especially for me. I live just outside of Austin, in a fairly large city & it made me feel weird, knowing I am so rare to be taking it. I like it htough, and have tried torpal in the past and THAT ONLY LASTED 3 DAYS! It wasa nightmare..in my case..
Nadolol is a beta blocker. As for the generic Nadolol being different from the brand name Corgard, I think the only difference is the name, it has the same ingredients.

As for coping w/ the pvcs and realizing that they wont kill you, you just have to remember that you are still here after all of them. I get one now and think back to the last time I had one and say to myself, well, it didn't hurt me last time, it wont hurt me this time.

One night I was speed walking to my car in below zero weather and when I stopped I had several pvcs and I freaked out. I got home and when I climbed the stairs, I had a few more and freaked out more. I popped a Xanax and went to bed. I didn't get a pvc for a few weeks after that. Nothing happened to me so I realize that freaking out just makes it worse.

I know it's hard to cope w/ and I am still working on it, but it will happen. Eventually, you get sick of letting it take over your life.

I wish I could cope w/ tachycardia, that is way scarier than pvcs. I also hope that I can succesfully wean off of this beta blocker because even in small doses it is making me sick.