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Hi everyone, I have been reading and lurking here for a while now. I think I must be totally confused and would appreciate any help. I am wondering which meds are which and strengths.

I have just been approved a couple of months ago for our state's version of Medicare which is TennCare. I am working with my dr to get used to the drugs they cover. Around June I will go on Medicare. I did not switch to a TennCare approved doctor since mine has always worked with me on everything. He is GREAT and has agreed to see me for $10.00 a visit with no other insurance coverage. So I mostly use the TennCare for the drug coverage and I don't want to get him involved with doing the step method to get back to the Duragesic which is the only way they will cover it. If you show you have tried something else. I don't want to have to go see their doctors.

I was on the fentanyl patch at 75 mcg with roxicodone for bt. I just loved it, it worked the best that I had found for my pain. Of course it is not covered and he switched me to MS Contin 300 mg daily (morphine sulfate).

This does not work near as good as the other and we are trying to adjust the doseage and include phenerghan for the nauseau it causes.

I know that Oxycontin is stronger but wasn't sure how these meds differ. He is great to work with me and I may have to go to their doctors just to get coverage and still see him for everything else but that just doesn't seem right. I prefer to have all records together. I have not had to get a PM dr as my GP and Rheumatologist are wonderful and really try to help.

I have Lupus and Sjogrens, migraines, IBS and other assorted problems. Currently take
Pamelor 75
Elavil 50
Corgard 40
Plaquenil 400
MS Contin 300
Roxicodone as needed

these are only as needed: Phenerghan, maxalt, belladonna/pheno, Zanaflex

I also have severe cognitive dysfunction after a spinal tap so bear with me if occassionally I don't make sense. I think of things and then leave them out or add things that don't belong so please ask anything that you think might be pertinent.

I appreciate anyone's input, thanks