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Hi Flowergirl,

McGowan lists the following drugs as Beta-1 selective: Tenormin, Kerlone, Zebeta,Selectral, Lopressor, & Toprol. Beta one's are better for pts with asthma, & aren't as likely to increase bl. sugar & cholesterol. She says more fat soluble the beta blocker, the more likely it will cause tireness & sleep problems. The least fat soluble beta blockers are: Tenormin, Kerlone, Cartrol, Selectol, & Corgard. Apparently, the fat allows the drug to get into the brain & cause the fatigue & sleep problems.

Inderal gave me nightmares. Also, there was an interesting segment about Inderal on 60 min last week. Apparently, researchers are investigating the use of Inderal for pts. who present with injuries & emotional stress from traumatic events. Inderal blocks adrenaline flow which blunts the memory of the event. Of course, the patient gets over the event much faster since he can't play it over & over again in his mind with as much detail.

Makes me wonder though, what effect Inderal would have on other memory functions.

Kind of funny answering this question cause I couldn't get to sleep tonight. It isn't from Lebetalol (an apha/beta blocker). I just got too wound up trying to catch up on housework etc. & didn't allow enough time to relax before bed. Fam