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Hello, Does ANYONE on here suffer from SHORT bursts, or VT? I have had every test known to man. I have worn all the holter monitors many times.. and even the 30 day event monitor. The event monitor is where we cought the VT. It was short bursts, and my electrophisiologist (sp?) tells me I am not a candidate for a inplantable defilbulator, because I have so many PVC's and ( PAC's PAC's arise form the upper chambers of the heart, and are not as dangerous, I have been told by my Cardiologist.)
that is would get confused~
the difibulator and be shocking me all day. He said I would have no quality of life. WELL I HAVE NO QUALITY NOW! I live in fear of the next burst. He said anything is considered V-Tac if it is more than about 5 TO 6- in a row.. I FEEL them every time. Sonetimes it last 5 sec. others 15 sec.. He tells me that I am in no greater danger than the rest of the population w/out this.. but I was so upset over about a 6 mo. period of this, that I think he is just tellingme this so ease my fear, of something neither one of us has any control over...I feel mine
In the pit of my stomach. You know, that little soft area between your rib cage? I am on an older drug, and have tried others but my body is just used to Nadolol...( generic for Corgard) Thanks to any one that responds. I JUST WANT TO HAVE A GOOD LIFE.. I AM ABOUT TO HAVE MY 50TH B/DAY.... AND WANT TO SEE MY G/KIDS GRWO UP!! Sorry about the caps...mimi