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Hi Danitom, without knowing too many details about either child I suspect the conditions are slightly different. In some babies (such as MissD's) a baby's circulation does'nt change in the way it should after birth, and the pulmonary pressure remains high as it wasin utero. This is normally quite critical for babies initially, but providing they respond to treatment they should hopefully not suffer long term problems with pulmonary hypertension. Other children such as your freinds have a diagnosis of primary pulmonary hypertension, a rare, little understood disorder which is ongoing, often requiring long term treatment and sometimes repeated hospital admssions.

Hope that helps, xx

Thank you......as you know something about Primary Pulmonary Hypertension you probably understand why I asked. I was not aware of the issue concerning PPH and an infants circulation. My daughters friend is 13 and currently on oxygen 24/7, coumadin, Flolan, Pulmacort, and other meds. She is a class IV and awaiting transplant. Thank you for your information on the subject.