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I've used a vacuum pump (Osbon ErecAid System) for several years. It was prescribed by my Urologist and my insurance paid for it. Viagra doesn't do much for me, Muse does even less. The vacuum pump produces an erection as good or better than I ever had. (wife says larger) I only use the pump long enough to reach full erection that occurs within a few minutes. The retention ring will maintain the erection by holding the penis full of blood. I don't have any problem with bruising (even with me being on blood thinner, Coumadin) and I have never had any pain from using the pump. The only thing my wife doesn't like is the feel and look of a cold penis from no blood circulation. The retention ring can be left in place for no longer than 30 minutes. I have never needed exceeded 20 minutes. Another good point of the vacuum pump is that it's free to use after the initial cost of the pump and if you have insurance or Medicare the pump will be free.
I will never be trying the injections do to taking Coumadin for I probably would have a problem with bleeding.
Hope this answers some of your questions.