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vitamin K! i know people on coumadin (blood thinner) are not allowed to have vitamin K because it reverses the effect (clots the blood). vitamin K is in green leafy veggies and anything green.
Have you had your PT/INR test lately? I have been on coumadin for 7 months now and just found out that I will be a "lifer" due to the fact that this is my second clot in my calf! I am allowed to eat 3 servings of green veggies a week, but not anymore because the vitamin K will mess with my counts. Normally you are suppose to be between 2.0 to 3.0 in your counts to be at the normal range. Remember people who don't take coumadin, their blood will clot between 11 - 14 seconds, people on coumadin don't clot that fast. My INR is 19 seconds if I cut myself.. Generally if your blood isn't clotting like it should, and you are still oozing 24 hours later, you really need to get to the doctor...What do you think is going to happen if you get a serious cut? I was told by my doctor to wear a Medical ID tag to let Emergency people know that I am taking coumadin...I think its a good idea for anyone who is taking this drug...I certaintly don't want to bleed to death...The veggie that contains the most vitamin K is broccoli, and of course the dark green veggies. The lighter green doesn't have as much, but check with your doctor to be sure what you can eat. I eat usually 3 salads a week and my levels stay right around 2.5, and that is a good thing...The only good thing about being on coumadin for life is, no more blood clots... :bouncing: