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Hello everyone.
I have been reading these boards to try for more understanding of my husband's and my situation. My husband has osteoporosis that is localized in his spine. In Jan 2003 we were moving some furniture and he sustained an L-3 fracture. Vertebroplasty failed to control his pain and subsequent CAT scans showed anterior free fragments. We found a wonderful surgeon who performed a vertebrectomy via left thoracotomy and instrumentiation via a posterior approach, placed a cage with cadaver bone, bone harvested from rib resection, and growth stimulators. The surgery was successful but the patient failed by fracturing T-12 almost immediately.

While we were going through this recovery, my husband suffered multiple pulmonary emboli and was placed on Coumadin. This delayed his next surgery but that was performed six months later. He had the first day of an A/P resection done, lost use of his left arm because of surgical positioning, and had the second half of the procedure two days later. He recovered well, for about three months, then suffered a wedge fracture of T-4.

He wanted to get through the holidays, so we did with narcotics, PT, and assistive devices. The next surgeries were two days in February to correct his kyphosis with an L-3 osteotomy and instrumentation to S-1. He is now fused from t-3 to S-1 with two rods, pedicle screws, two cages replacing L-4 and T-12, plates, and lord knows what else.

I have been caring for him since the first injury ... full nursing, bathing, toileting, dressing, care for the house, and everything else that we need. My employer has been increaibly understanding but needs the work that I did for him. There are incredibly difficult issues that we both face dealing with this change in both of our lives.

I would do anything that I could to take his pain away. He will have nerve root blocks over the next month to try to deal with the pain that narcotic management doesn't help. I have been reading the boards to try to understand as much as I can about the feelings and experiences of you with pain issues, and want to thank you for the help that you have given me. I hope to be able to translate this understanding into help for someone who is sufferiing with you.