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Midwest1, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with flax. I've read allergic reactions to it are very rare. That sounds like what you had. That's why I cook mine. My wife has a goiter. I read that if you don't cook it, it can interfere with the absorption of iodine and thus can make goiter or thryroid function worse in susceptible people. It's helped me so much that I didn't put in any cautionary information. That's the main negative thing I read. But that's only supposed to happen if you eat more than four tablespoons raw according to my info sources. Of course, we are all individuals and our body chemistries are a little different. When storing the seeds, don't let them get wet. I heard that realeases a chemical that is bad. It does thin the blood slightly, I emphasize slightly. My wife is on Coumadin and she has to have her blood thinness checked regularly. The nurses and doctors say flax is okay for her. They just adjust her coumadin if her blood gets too thin. Eating lots of green leafys or foods high in Vitamin K can have same effect. When I post I believe I almost always mention I cook it with my oats. If you were eating it raw, you might give it another chance after consulting with your doctor. It has so many beneficial things in it. The overall good it does outweighs the small harm it may do in some cases. I"ve been eating four tablespoons a day[whole seeds], but now I'm going up to five a day because the weather is getting colder. I learned it can increase your tolerance to cold on a website about horses. I've found this to be true. It's below 50 F now and my wife and I sleep with the windows open.
For those trying flax for the first time. I do reccommend cooking it. You can boil it or bake it at 350 F or less. Do write down any changes in what is happening with your health. It's always good to check with your doctor before making any major changes. Your percentage chance of having an allergic reaction is extremely low.