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[FONT=Times New Roman]Ok, I'm going to reply to a couple things. First of all, Lost in PA, I'm sorry if I took your post the wrong way. That's one of the problems with message boards. The written word is open to the interpretation of the reader. It all depends on where we put the inflections. I hope we are "ok" now. I am definitely not here to make enemies. We are all pain sufferers and somedays we just take everything the wrong way. I had a really bad day yesterday. A short synopsis: My sister in law went for an ultrasound (she is 40 and they just wanted to make sure everything was ok). Well, they could not find a heartbeat on the baby. At this very minute she is in the hospital in labor with a child that is already gone. This hurts me so much because the exact same thing happened to me in 1996. I lost my son, Zachary. The cord had gotten wrapped around his neck 3 times and his body several times. I don't think I got 30 minutes sleep last night. I am just heart sick for my brother and his wife. I know how badly they are hurting right now. My brother told my mom last night that he couldn't stand to watch his wife go through what I went through. I have an extremely close family and my brother has set by my bedside in the hospital so many times praying and reading from the Bible to me. The nurses would always say how much my brother must love me because he would set by my bed until 3 or 4 in the morning. I want to go be with them right now but I know from experience that right now they just need to be together. My brother is a very loving and thoughtful person. He will be there for his wife. My brother is a Senior State Trooper and when he puts that uniform on he looks like he is all business. Looking at him you would not know what a Godly man lies beneath that facade.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so far off track. I just wanted to shed some light on my state of mind. Back to the patch issue. As far as laying out in the sun goes, I have done it and if you get too hot, too much fentanyl will release from the patch and you are in danger of overdose. I waited too long one day to get out of the sun and I almost passed out. I can tell when I need to get out of the sun. I say try it, if you start feeling weird in any way, get out of the sun and cool down. Pay attention to your body and what it is telling you.

Now, I went to the doctor today and my doc was on vacation so I saw another doc but will go see my doc first thing Monday morning. Anyway, yes I am having an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the generic patches. He also explained that yes I was going through withdrawals and that although the generic patch is supposed to be the same strength, it is the way they make the medicine. He said it has to do with the different compounds. He explained that some people are just more sensitive to the subtle differences in the compounds. For example, I had my Warfarin (Coumadin, blood thinner) filled last week and I got a different brand. It was the same strength but a different brand. Well, my blood was so thin today that they wanted to admit me to the hospital for tests and observation. I explained that I couldn't go right then so they made me an appointment to be at the hospital first thing in the morning. (I cancelled that because my childrens father can't take them this weekend because he has to work). Anyway, they told me to speak with my pharmacist and make sure he knows that I must get the same brand each month. They also said they would check the little box to get the name brand fentanyl patches and if my insurance company had a problem with it they would explain why I had to have the Duragesic brand. Phew.... I had a lot to get out didn't I?

Will you all please pray for my family? I offered my brother one of my cemetery plots for their baby. They can bury their baby next to my son. My parents and I have 8 plots and we never dreamed we would be burying our children. My dad is on the grounds committee and had to be there when everything was being gotten ready for my sons burial and the delivery of his grave marker. It was very hard for him to have to do that for his grandson. I wanted to die when I lost Zachary. I just felt like God had forsaken me. My doctors had me so sedated I wasn't thinking clearly. It was by the grace of God that I did not take my life. I sat on the side of my bed at 2 in the morning with a bottle of valium but all I could think about was that I had 2 other small children that needed me. I just can't believe that this has happened to our family again. You see, the part I left out was, when I lost Zachary, my sister in law was 8 months pregnant at the time with my niece. She was born one month after I lost Zachary. Her cord was also wrapped around her neck but she survived. I prayed and asked God why did my child die and theirs lived. I in no way wanted their baby to die but I can't help but to feel a pang of guilt over the way I felt back then. No one should have to bury their child. I know it's all a part of God's plan and we should not question His plan. When Zachary died, my husbands entire family was unsaved. My husband and I asked our pastor to give the plan of salvation at the end of the graveside services. My husbands entire immediate family accepted Christ that day. I had asked my brother to help with the services. (He is also an independent Baptist minister). The one thing I remember that he said was "Allen and Sherry will see Zachary again, they will be with their child again. Will you be there with them?" He then asked that if they accepted Christ that when they filed past us to say, I will be there. You have no idea how much healing happened that day. Ok, I guess I have shared way too much again. I guess it just helps to get my feelings out.

Take care and
God Bless,
Sherry :wave: [/FONT]