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I was wondering if you ever have if you continued to keep smoking if you did? I had three of them in 3 of the 5 lobes and some damage to the top right of my lung. I am on coumadin and did not smoke right away but then a stressful thing happened and I lit one up. I have no more then 4 in a day but am scared. I am thinking about getting the patch so that I do not need the cigs. Just intrested in knowing if anyone else has smoked after such a thing
Don't you think it's time to quit smoking now? :)

By smoking you are partly undoing what your doctor is trying to fix by perscribing you coumadin. It's not uncommon for smokers to have blood clots in their lungs from damage from smoking. Alveoli in your lungs filter oxygen into your bloodstream and smoking introduces tar and other nasties into this system. A blood clot can be dangerous, if not deadly if it is not dissolved and moves into other areas, especially the brain of course. Not trying to overly scare you but it's time to quit smoking. After a few years you can undo alot of the damage you have done to you lungs.

I know quitting smoking is not easy but consult your doctor before using a patch or other nicotine supplement. Especially considering you are on a blood thinning agent.

[I am not a doctor]
I know dumb but then again their are people out their who have gotten lung cancer and had the bad lung removed and started up again. I really am doing my best and only had 3 yesterday. My doc said that I can not get another clot as long as I am on the coumadin but that does not mean I should go back to smoking. She said that their are so many older people who have had the same thing and the minute they got out they were smoking as much as they were when they came in and that is not good as you still have the clots as they have to disolve and your lungs have been damaged by the clots so smoking is only going to further the damage. She knows that I have been smoking and said that I need to quit but was happy at the fact that I was smoking no more then 5 a day. Trust me I am not going to smoke no more. I have six wonderful children that I want to watch grow up and get married and have babies gradute and all that stuff..I am only 32 and have way to much to lose over a few smokes..