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Does anyone know how to find out information about a doc or practioner who may have a machine that shows were there is a problem in the body? Not your typical CAT scans or MRIs but some type of full body scanner type thing when your are at your wits end. My friend has been having weird things going on for 2-3 years. Including 2 PE's- she is now on coumadin, pains, swelling for no reason, crazy blood work cant get the levels right...no one can diagnosis...she does have the lupus coagulant problem but not lupus. She has had menstrual cycle issues, been tested for everything under the sun and still everyone is shrugging their shoulders. Her appendix had swelled and rapped around her intestine last year which kept it from bursting....Did I mention she is 35 and has had NO problems before all this started around 32.

She is open to anything and everything just to be diagnosed and finally know.