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The same thing happened to my mom. She went to Urgent Care (a few yrs back) to have a dr. look at her leg. They in turn, took bp, blood work and everything, then called an ambulance to transport her to the hospital. The ER doctors said she had had a heart attack and they wanted to monitor her.

Of course, she stated ten days, she had surgery. Then they prescibed toprol xl 100mg, lisinopril 40 mg, lipitor 40, and verapamil 240 and hctz 25 mg. She was never told not to eat green leafy veggies. My mom is diabetic, she was told to go easy on the fruit, not veggies. I think if you take a warfin, such as coumadin you can't have green leafy veggies.

Does plavix act the same as coumadin? Why not do a search on plavix and see what foods aren't allowed? I would give you a web site, but that isn't allowed.