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i don't know a whole lot with regards to the spleen and the WBCs but I would think that having an ongoing really high platelet count would possibly indicate some sort of condition which would invlove a much higher risk of clotting problems.there are some disorders out there that can cause you to have a high platelet count which needs to be treated with some sort of blood thinning type of med.my mom has whats called factor five leiden,or something like that that she has to take coumadin for(a blood thinner?).i would speak with your doc about just what all of this actually means for you from a health risk perspective.if he is not willing to actually explain this to you,or doesn't appear to even know or have a flippin clue,it would be in your very best interest to find a brand new doc.you need a good caring doc who is willing to fully explain things to you so you know what the heck is actually going on within your own body.if this doc is not meeting those very basic expectations,well,move onto one that does.this IS your health and you do have the right to know if there are things going on that can be causing you some very real risks if this is not Dxed and treated appropriately.not all docs should realistically even BE docs,you know what I mean?seeing a hemotologist wouldn't hurt either.good luck and please keep me posted on how things are going for you,K? FB