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I noticed that this thread was old and is not inactive so I'd like to reopen it.

I've had a dissected carotid artery that was found when I was diagnosed with Horners Syndrome. This was about 3 years ago. They call it spontaneous dissection because they don't know what it's from. No stroke.

They put me on coumadin and then took me off of that because there is no change. I'm on aspirin now.

The dissected side has total blockage and the other side is 40 -50% narrowing.

I have been out of chemotherapy for 7 months and have side effects of pains in various parts of my body but my dissected side...I have pains in my arm. However that is also the side of my cancer/surgery etc...Breast cancer.

Just wondered, after all of this history, if others have pains, if this is the sign of a stroke to come (my neuro-ophthalmologist believes I won't get a stroke now cuz I would have had it already. My hemeotologist thinks maybe I was born with this). I go for a CTA this coming week to see how things are. Duplex showed no change..same thing every 6 months now.

Need to discuss this with anyone else who has this weird problem. Am concerned....