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I have a bloodclot and was wondering if its safe to take Vicodin while on Coumadin? ( bloodthinner)

my bloodclot was missed by 3 previous hospitals/Doctors and diognosed as "Cellulitis" (an infection) so they were giving me Vicodin for pain, and I still have some left over ( 325mg and 750mg),this was 3 months ago,now since its been now diognosed as being a bloodclot.(bloodclot found after the 4 attempt on a dopler)

I have random pain in my leg and foot and just needed to know if anyone knows if the 2 drugs are safe to take together?

I thank you for your time.
my mom has been on coumadin for 10 yrs. she had a aortic valve replacement surgury. my mom was gave vicodin for cellulitis in her foot. we told the doctor she was on coumadin so i am hoping it was o.k he gave her a prescription for 10 of them . she took about 6 the whole time. it hurt so bad. hope you get better soon.