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I agree with everyone else. You need to collaberate (sp) with all your doctors and let them decide together the best plan of action. I had a LOT of health problems before and during my pregnancy, and all of my doctors had to work together. I took asparin everyday during my pregnancy (which for those that know thats a big NONO) And I had to take hydrocodone during the last trimester. Its better to got to the doctor informed and with a list of questions to ask.

Sorry I got off track, I just wanted to explain why I said what I did. But definately check out the classisfications the medications you are taking are. I think it goes like A-D, with D being very bad, it is known to cause severe birth defects. THe lower the letter the safer it is. A lot of the time the doctors also go by risk to the mom being on the med and the mom being off the med. So like if it were a medication like coumadin, the person would have to change the type of blood thinner, to one that does not cause as many side effects for the baby as the coumadin. So even through the other med is better it could still hurt the baby but mom would die without it. I know that this is 2 different situations but both are similiar in the fact that of how they affect the mom and baby.

Good luck, and if you have anymore question just let me/us know. Good luck with what you find out. And keep us updated.