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My name is David


I am 43 y.o.a. and recovering from my 7th stroke and now have physical and mental defecits. I started out in 2001 0n aggranox and since now they consider me an aggranox failure I have been started on coumadin and had heart sugery to close a PFO that was believed to cause my strokes, I had my 7th stroke 2 months post surgery. I am a former US Navy Deep Sea Diver and do not understand what is happening to me and the doctors at the VA cannot explain it either. I need some help in finding specalists who could possibley find the cause of my strokes.
Thanks David
you have mentioned that you have seen neurologists,but have you ever consulted with an actual neurosurgeon?what exact types of tests have they run on your brain?have you ever had an agiogram or MRA done to see what is actually going on at the brains arterial level?

there are many different types of vascular malformations that are possible to have deep within some parts of the brain,usually banched off from the circle of willis which is the main artreial structure within the brain,it kind of sits in an actual circle form kind of like a 'crown" within the brain.all of the other artreies branch off from the COW and into the smaller branches.it is possible to have other vascular malformations that can be also misstaken for stroke too.it all depends on who is reading what actual scan and their overall knowledge of these types of malformations.

if you actually go to any university teaching hospital,thats where you would most likely be able to find the right type of neurosurgeon to give the best possible evaluation of your history and symptoms.i had a vascualr malformation that was actually within my spinal cord.the only neurosurgeon i was able to finally find who actually knew all the real facts on these was at the university of MN.but seeing the head of neurosurgery at any actual teaching type hospital really would benefit you the most in my opinion.are they also checking your INRs like every couple of weeks to see how well the coumadin is working?if not,they should be.my mother is on coumadin since she had one stroke about 2002? and has thamkfully been stroke free since that one episode.but she has blood drawn every two weeks to make certain that her level is good,not too long for clotting to take place or too quickly.thats the INR.

at any rate,i do think you need to start seeing a good neurosurgeon instead of a neurologist,really.they just have so much more deep knowledge of all the inner workings of the brain than the average neurologist,just because they actually go inside of the brain,not just look at it from the outside in films,you know what i mean?for ongoing issues like yours you really do need to be working with a neurosurgeon and coordinating with a good neurointerventional radiologist for periodic checks on the arteries within the brain.i see an NIR now since i was Dxed with a brain aneurysm in nov of 05.between the two specialists,i feel like i have my bases covered,you know?hopefully a good neurosurgeon can help to identify the 'whys" of your ongoing strokes.has anyone ever mentioned a possble link between the diving and the possibility of it somehow affecting your arteries,possibly weakening them just from the repeated dives,or some wierd effect on your blood,and the ability to create 'normal" red blood cells at this point?i don't know if that is an actual possibility or not but it is worth looking into anyways.it just seem possible that your diving history could possibly be involved in this in some strange way.but i would also expect that this would be known to navy docs by now or they would have seen this in other patients as well,but you never know since everyones actual basic body physiology is different from everyone elses.you could also have some other underlying condition that just exascerbates this issue too.its really hard to say.just finding a good knowledgeable neurosurgeon will be a great place to start since you are not getting any answers from any neurologists you have seen.

i wish you lots of luck with this,please keep me posted on how things are going and anything you actually find out,K? FB