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My family and I are originally from the midwest, where it gets very cold in the winters. My mom used to be out in all kinds of weather when she was a young lady..but then she moved away from it for 15 years. Now she's back, living in my town, and has experienced another bitter cold winter. She's complaining terribly about being out in the cold even though she's bundled up with turtleneck sweater, coat, boots, and gloves. At first i thought she might just be complaining - after all, does anyone really love this weather? But I'm thinking there might be more to it.

During her 15 years away from the cold, she had surgery and is on a blood thinner - coumadin. Knowing that proper blood flow is what helps keep us warm, and her blood is thinner than it used to be, could that lead to more discomfort when the temperature is cold (i.e. below freezing)? She told me last month several times that her fingers were almost numb with cold even thru her gloves and for 20 minutes after she came inside! Meanwhile, I can go out in the same weather and it almost doesn't bother me. This long cold winter discomfort is spreading into other areas of her life - she's depressed and doesn't go out as much even to the point of not buying groceries or refilling prescriptions because she doesn't want to go outside. Luckily its March and this shouldn't last much longer....

So, I'm wondering if thinner blood really does have an effect on how the body is able to regulate temperature? I should also mention that my mom is over 80 and doesn't seem to have any other physical problems that would have this effect. By the same token, if a person on a blood thinner lived in a place like Arizona where it is 110 in the summer would they not feel as much discomfort in the heat as someone with normal blood? Hmmmmmmm.....maybe that's why so many senior citizens move down south or west! LOL
My dad is on Coumadin and he gets cold easily too.He swears it is the blood thinner.