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I hated to tell her (even though she's a great doc). I've been in constant pain for 11 years with fibromyalgia and arthritis. I've had muscle relaxants (currently on Zanaflex) and as needed Darvocet (helps some at night), but can't take a lot of meds (no NSAIDS) because of being on Coumadin (had a huge pulmonary emboli in April- should have croaked me), so she gave me some Ultram, which I'm taking gingerly, since I've got a seizure disorder that's bad enough to have me on disability.

I took a dose when I got home, and it does seem to help some of the muscle pain, without making me too tired. I'm on a bunch of the meds it says to watch for problems for, but I'm used to that with 16 different prescriptions on a good day, and others for as needed use. My pain is bad.

Those pain scales need to be adjusted for those with chronic pain since we get used to it, and what is a 5 to someone without chronic pain is a 2 to us. Anyway, I hope this helps some. She's going to do some other type of MD stuff, so I'll be starting with another doc at that office, who I've seen a couple of times.....if this doesn't work, I'm going to request a pain management consult.