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I realize I suffer from Graves Disease and acute hyperthyroidism. That was the easy one. My confusion is that started four years ago and today after two ablations (radiation) which the second treatment was more than double the previous dosage of milli-curries (18 to 39), I still have the same symptoms, in fact worse according to my blood work. My blood pressure is dangerously high (today's reading was 171/100) and I am prescibed the meds. Coumadin (prevent clottng around my heart due to atrial fibulation), Clonazepam (anxiety), Methimazole (thyroid) Metoprolol and Hydrochloridethiazide for high blood pressure. My question is that although I would expect surgery to remove my thyroid gland would be the next step, my medical team has suggested a Lithium treatment as an alternative that they,I believe, would hope I choose as the next option. I cannot find any research material whatsoever that evens mentions this treatment as an option. Am I missing something? Iam a little desperate because I make all the decisions that regard my treatment and have no viable information to even suggest this is an option, yet I must make a decision in 3 weeks. iam a veteran and cannot afford a second opinion unless absolutely a must..please ..please help with any pertinent information if you can provide it..thanks..ready to be normal again..