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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3638456]Have you ever had to face feeling discouraged and sort of ready to throw in the towel? It's not easy to remain optimistic in terms of dealing with some of these issues, especially when encountering setbacks along the way.

When my symptoms were getting much worse, in 2003 and 2004, I wasn't discouraged, I was scared to death. Heart Failure is a progressive disease, meaning that it is expected to get worse over time. Heart Failure, combined with persistent Atrial Fibrillation, which I have, has an even higher rate of morbidity and mortality. I also have some nasty autoimmune problems, which would complicate and greatly worsen my heart problems, if I couldn't find a way to calm my immune system. I have learned how to "calm" my immune system by avoiding many autoimmune "triggers".

In 2004, I figured out (guessed) that I was insulin resistant, and I started learning about diets targeting Insulin Resistance, not knowing whether or not dieting would come to my rescue or not. It didn't take long to find out! Wow! It's amazing what a healthy diet can do for one's health, even with serious heart and health problems like mine. Add exercising and avoiding AutoImmune "triggers" to the equation, and the majority of people suffering from chronic illnesses could experience significant improvements to their health. It's actually an easy, fairly inexpensive solution to many chronic illnesses, but not one that interests most chronic sufferers or the drug companies, whose profits depend upon diseases NOT being cured.

[QUOTE]I'd like to see your doctor's face when you tell him you don't need any bp meds.

He will never know. I don't want to hurt his feelings. He is a wonderful, caring guy, and he thinks that it is the meds that have improved my health. He writes the scripts for me. I take them home and put them in a drawer, except for those that I take- 3.125mg Coreg, .125mg Digoxin and 2.5mg Coumadin, all qd.

[QUOTE]In the presence of multiple possible contributing factors it may be very difficult to determine the exact cause of SOB. :confused:

The very first place to start is with diet. The second place to look is allergies. Dust, animals, pollens, pollutants, chemicals, smoke, foods, mold, mildew, etc, can all contribute negatively towards breathing problems. Those are some of the "triggers" that cause all kinds of health problems.

Two of the most powerful diagnostic tools available, for home diagnoses, are blood pressure monitors and blood sugar monitors. If one determines that their blood pressure is healthy between 7am and 10pm, and that their one hour, two hour and eight hour postprandial blood sugar are all at healthy levels, then they must look elsewhere to diagnose their health problems.

[QUOTE]Knowing that this beta blocker has been so effective for you is very encouraging. I will do some reading about it and ask my doctor if switching from Bisoprolol to Coreg might be an option, providing it does not worsen fluid retention.


Let me know what you find out about Coreg, as it relates to your health problems, and if you are going to try it, OK? It would really be nice if it helped you more than the Bisoprolol.

Take care!