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The first thing I want to tell you is I understand what you are experiencing. I am 35 and have been diagnosised with Lupus since October 1995, which in 2000 I was experiencing kidney probelms. Lupus caused those probelms. I have had to go thru chemo therapy. Have had two "mini" strokes, and have a blood clotting probelm which causes my blood to be too thick, I have to take Coumadin. I also have Hereditary Angio Edema, which is cause from a deficiency of a particular protein on the blood. It's like I'm allergic to my body, it causes severe swelling. I have swollen from parts of my body I didn't know could swell, this is also a life-threatening illness.
As far as SSI, I was initailly denied, two times to be exact. My original dr, actual filled out all the paperwork for me, and yes they denied me. I also was sent to a psyhcologist, thay made me take the "mental test", for what??! What was that going to prove, nothing was wrong with my mind back then. Now I take medication for depression.The third time I had to get an attorney and finally they approved me. The attorney also filed a case for SSD (Social Security Disability), I was approved for that also. Now I don't qualify for SSI, so I only get SSD. This is what was told to me about being approved and denied,is that you have to show that you have been not been able to work for 12 consecutive months. You might want to talk to an attorney who specialize in SSI and SSD cases, just make sure you have all your medical records.
I wish the best to you, if I can HELP you in any way I will be there for you.
I want you to say this everyday, and everytime you feel discouraged:
[SIZE="5"]"I have Lupus, but Lupus DON'T have ME!!!!:angel:This has become one of my many encouraging sayings.

[QUOTE=Campo Kim;3538175]Hi Sallie,

I just posted above regarding my declination letter which arrived today from the wonderful social security office. I have lupus and antiphospholipid syndrome as well as a laundry list of other things (fibromyalgia, neurocardigenic syncope, depression/anxiety/mood disorder, impaired memory and concentration...well, you get the picture). Anyway, they sent me to a psychiatrist on March 26 to do a "mental status exam" and I received my declination letter today. My doctor also backed me regarding my disability, and still a declination letter--which really bugs.

How old are you? I am 38. Have you had any major organ involvement with your lupus? How does your lupus affect you? My lupus is under control for the most part with Plaquenil--been taking it for over a year and it has controlled my fevers, pleurisy and mouth sores. Still, my pain is constant and overwhelming.

I wish you well with your journey and hope you will be luckier than me. What I keep hearing is that most claims are initially declined and that you need to keep fighting. I just emailed a local attorney in the San Diego area as I do not think I can handle the appeal process by myself.

Take care of yourself, Sallie. I hope your lupus and what I am assuming is antiphospholipid syndrome gets under control.